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Biotech Digital Operations. Rightsized.

"Building it while flying it" can be done well. Basis Framework and Zero IT Headcount services enable the rightsizing of biotech IT and its application across your organization. By following a well-considered plan and aligning effort with your objectives, we provide capability that is both agile and extremely resource-efficient.


Zero IT Headcount

Digital Operations (IT and Informatics) is at its best when it supports company objectives by providing optionality with efficiency.


While the tools available are known, it’s in their informed selection, timely application, and responsive support that we find and deliver material value.



How Virtual Are You?

The landscape has changed for biotech. Market, financing and staffing pressures have us hyper-focused on milestones, optionality and staying lean. Outsourcing and remote work have become the new normal for G&A and R&D. Consequently, reliance on IT has increased with cloud management, collaboration tools, data transfer, cybersecurity and remote support now top priorities for all biotech companies. 


The breadth and depth of knowledge required to effectively deliver in Biotech Digital Operations today does not reside in any one or two individuals. How do you meet these needs with minimal headcount? Leveraging a Biotech Digital Operations CRO with a collection of experienced resources makes more sense today than ever before.



Plan for Success

IT Leadership

We understand biotech digital operations better than anyone. Over 50 years in seed through IPO biotech companies means that we get your objectives and we will bring to bear R&D and G&A solutions that are proven cost-effective and scalable. We know when to make-do and when to make an investment. Let's talk about how the Basis Framework will de-risk your plans.


IT Operations

How is completely reactive IT support working for you? Every need is critical. Every fix takes too long. Worst of all, it feels like your requests fall into an abyss. Your biotech support needs are not unique to you, but they are different from the needs of other industries. Basis aligns biotech needs with familiar tech, a few new tech bits and transparency to deliver cost-effective support and a better user experience. Our biotech tool experience and systems reach allow us to understand your request, own your request, and resolve it quickly.


Our approach and framework make us different.


Our experience makes us great.  

RESEARCH - Your technology, processes, and data pipelines must be designed to meet the requirements of distributed research. Securely and efficiently manage internal process and collaborate with your research partners to collect and analyze data without internal IT overhead.

  • Chemistry - ELN, Chemical Registration, Inventory Management, Patent Application Support, Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Visualization

  • Biology/Biochemistry/Biophysics - Sample registration and management, data capture and processing

  • High Performance Computing - The ability to conduct large scale computation has never been more accessible. Let's make sure your strategy will deliver with security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness (e.g. public cloud incentives).

  • Nonclinical, Pharmacology - External collaboration, data capture, and analysis


CLINICAL DEVELOPMENT - Data integrity and GxP compliance are critical to your Clinical, Quality, and Regulatory activities.

  • Clinical Operations - Let's make the right tech investments to compliment the strategy of your external partners. The clinical technology space is rapidly evolving. Make sure the technologies proposed by your CRO partners will meet your requirements.

  • Quality Management - Document Control, Part 11 Compliant electronic signatures

  • Regulatory Operations - Compliant collaboration with your medical writers and publishers


G&A - Whether outsourced or internal, let's ensure your Finance, HR, and Legal technology needs are met in an efficient and compliant manner.

  • Be prepared to conduct diligence processes and raise your next private round or IPO with confidence.

  • Have the right technology infrastructure and security controls to meet the requirements of global privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA), financial audits (SOX), and more.

  • Lean and scalable solutions for procurement, contract operations, and more

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